Full Episode – Circle of Fear – The Phantom of Herald Square

From 1973 (Original title, Ghost Story – The Phantom of Herald Square)

Art student Holly Brown is sketching in Central Park one day when James Barlow introduces himself to her. Holly is charmed by James and begins seeing him, but as soon as she does, she finds herself terrorized by an old man.

As her relationship with James grows, she is surprised to discover the connection between James and the old man. But even bigger surprises are awaiting her when she discovers the truth about James.



5 Responses to “Full Episode – Circle of Fear – The Phantom of Herald Square”

  1. Linda Brooks says:

    A trip of a movie.

  2. Sharron says:

    Great thriller and one I’d not seen before. Guess like the rest of us who watched I was hoping too that their love would conquer all, but, as Theresa says, that’s the true twist and what makes a good horror tale! Many thanks for allowing me to see so many of David’s works that i missed during the years i was bringing up my family and caring for a very sick husband. Always enjoy your new videos and updates. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  3. Claire H says:

    David was yummy as always in this one!

  4. Theresa Barrett says:

    Like a twisted version of The Gift of the Magi, this sad story shows the beauty of love through sacrifice. The strains of “Always Seem To Miss So Much” hummed by the main character adds a bittersweet haunting feel to the plot. David Soul has always added so much depth to his characters and this role proves to be no different. Was hoping their love would overcome, but I suppose the failure of the sacrifice is what makes a true horror tale.

  5. Vicki says:

    A good spooky film with a hint of “Hammer House of Horror.” As it was made in 1973, I could have seen it a very long time ago but I can’t recall. I was surprised to hear David humming one of his first album songs throughout parts of the film. It all added to the mystery and shows he had influence in what he did even in those early days. A great evening’s viewing.