Making a Difference – Wes Moore

FROM CARLA — I’d like to tell you about this amazing friend of mine who was moved by a tragic coincidence to get involved, to reach out with a story that touches others and gives them new insight and understanding, and to commit himself to making a difference… with his life by seizing the opportunities that continue to inspire him. I’m not including this post to sell Wes’ book — he doesn’t need my help to do that, and most of you can certainly access it for free at your public library — but rather I’m “selling” the image of what one person/one life can mean to another.

FROM THE FRONT FLAP OF WES’ BOOK: In December 2000, the “Baltimore Sun” ran a small piece about Wes Moore, a local student who had just received a Rhodes Scholarship. The same paper also ran a huge story about four young men who had allegedly killed a police officer in a spectacularly botched armed robbery. The police were still hunting for two of the suspects who had gone on the lam, a pair of brothers. One was named Wes Moore.

Wes just couldn’t shake off the unsettling coincidence, or the inkling that the two shared much more than space in the same newspaper. After following the story of the robbery, the manhunt, and the trial to its conclusion, he wrote a letter to the other Wes, now a convicted murderer serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. His letter tentatively asked the questions that had been haunting him: Who are you? How did this happen?

That letter led to a correspondence and relationship that have lasted for several years. Over dozens of letters and prison visits, Wes discovered that the other Wes had had a life not unlike his own . . . Please visit Wes’ site, and while you’re there, BE SURE to click on “The Elevate Blog” on his homepage to be uplifted and further inspired. Click here for Wes’ link. You can also see Wes interviewed about his book.