Off-Screen Friendship with Paul Michael Glaser

The most important thing out of Starsky and Hutch for me — aside from all the other good things — was the relationship with Paul.

Paul and I respect and care about each other. It’s a unique relationship. There’s no replacement for Paul. … I love him. I respect his talent and his craft, but it’s very hard to put my finger on the way I feel about him, and he has the same frustration trying to talk about me. I feel kind of private with Paul, even on the screen. We understand each other. We have a very special kind of communication, and that’s the joy of working with him.

Chemistry is something you can’t go out and play. … Once, Paul and I had to re-shoot one scene 67 times because we kept looking at each other and laughing whenever the camera was switched on.

We fought like friends. We cared about each other like friends. We envied each other like friends. And we competed like friends. We were very close.

Boy, did we fight, but fair fights are healthy. It’s the unfair manipulative fights, like those in marriages, I don’t agree with. Don’t get me wrong, most will know I’m as guilty as any of manipulative fights, but I help others now in realizing how damaging they can be.

Paulie and I are chalk and cheese. Our backgrounds are so different, but we’re similar in our way of looking at things. I trusted him. It didn’t take long. We didn’t fight for lines. There was no B.S. going on between us. Our relationship was very open and true.

He’s like my brother. I thank the show for that. I found a life-long friend.  Paul was there when others just walked away. I’ll never forget that.

When asked about the tragic AIDS-related deaths of PMG’s daughter and wife: When I look at him, I don’t see AIDS. I see friend. I was involved with him before, during and after. … The most courageous man I’ve ever known is my friend, Paul. And I think more courageous than even himself was the legacy of courage that was left by Elizabeth Glaser. She was a remarkable woman.

  1. Beargirl Claire says:

    Starsky and Hutch really captured a true friendship between two very good cops! It indeed is a show which I can never see be replicated to its true form. I am so glad it is in syndication and I hope it will be for a long, long time. I would like to see it continue to enlighten others to the wonderment and benefits of true friendship

  2. Amber says:

    Hi Mr Soul,
    Your friendship was admired by everybody and today I allows me to ask you where is this friendship? What did it become? I ask you for it because I learnt to know you better as well as your friend (Paul) by looking at your careers. I noticed (and I say this any sincerity) that it is a real pity that you did not replay together in a movie where even to the theater because in all that I was able to see you competed (friendly of course). You are a man of the theater, your performance in Jerry Springer proves it very well.

    To have a friend as you in the life must be brilliant. Indeed, it is rare that a person takes care of the other one without looking at the disease but looks at her as human being. In my daily life, I confront with the reality. The difference of the others frightens! Whether it is a handicap, where a disease such as it is, people avoid ! It is sad, but it is like that!

    I hope that this small word will please you, even if did not answer you it. It is not important, I simply wanted to announce you what I feel.