Join the Starsky and Hutch boys for a drink or a juice...


For those of you who are planning to attend the Birmingham Comic Con (and those who aren’t attending, but would be interested in spending time with David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, and Antonio Fargas), the people who brought you two SurCon tribute events are kicking around the idea of cocktails at a local pub, The Victoria, the evening of Saturday, March 18. A cover fee of $125 (£100) gets you in the door, but drinks and food would be up to you and your budget. A DJ will be on hand to entertain us with ’70s tunes.. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend an evening in a British pub with Starsky, Hutch, and Huggy Bear. Buy them drinks, sit and chat, dance, take photos. Space is limited! Who’s in? You can purchase a Pub Pass to this exclusive event by clicking the button below.

Dear Fan of David Soul. I’m sorry this site hasn’t been updated in a long while; we’ve been busy with other projects, including our campaign to end the cruelty of the Asian dog meat trade. But, rest assured, I WILL get back to uploading new photos and videos come this fall. In the meantime, please enjoy what the site does offer and DO visit David’s official site for current updates and news. Thank you all! —Laura

“David Soul Fans is a vital dynamic site that encourages visitors to become involved. One of its goals is to build a community of people. If that’s what triggers your interest in or involvement in a community project, or working with animals, or working with people who need help, then we’ve served our purpose.” —David Soul

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